Language barriers! For sure you already experienced this if you are a travel person. Like for example if you are from the US and you only know how to speak English and not Chinese language yet for some reasons you end up in China in one of your escapades, you will surely have a hard time dealing with the people there. You see, even if English is the most popular language, still there are so many people in this country who can speak English like they don’t really understand it as well.

The scenario above is just one example of how hard it is to travel when you only speak one language. Aside from that, below are more reasons why learning a foreign language is really cool:

  1. You will look at other people who can’t speak your language in a more positive way or you will feel less prejudiced with them.
  2. This will open up a lot of opportunities. Unlike before where only the well-endowed can travel, these days almost everyone has a chance to go abroad. There are a lot of ways now and knowing how to speak foreign languages is such a comfort.
  3. It will exercise your brain every time. If you have nothing new to do, your brain might become stagnant. Dealing with the process of learning something that is not an easy thing to do will certainly give your brain a boost and it will keep the doctor away.
  4. It will make you always ready to meet someone from another culture. As going abroad is becoming easier these days, you can also expect that someone new or from another country might come in front of you without a warning. If this happens, at least you can say hello to him.
  5. You have the chance of meeting new people. You can learn about them and they can learn about you. It will be like getting a new education on each other.
  6. You can become an interpreter. Being an interpreter is a lucrative and in-demand it can be your second job for that matter as this does not require a full-time attention. You just go by demands.

Learning how to speak a foreign language might not be easy but with the assistance of the Robotel digital language lab. You should just be fine.

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