Modern education has come a long way since the days of rigid classroom instruction, and with a healthy timetable that includes dance, art and movement, early learning should be a combination of physical activity and mental stimulation. The essential social skills are learned during the first 3-4 years of life, and the day care nursery plays a major role in preparing the child for 12 years of formal education.

Learning Through Play

Learning by doing has become an integral part of classroom learning, and in the form of a project based curriculum, the learner develops skills and is able to utilise the theory taught from text books, which is an important part of the learning process. Controlled practice allows the child to encounter real life problems and use their new knowledge to overcome problems. If you live in the Midlands, and are looking for an ideal place for your toddler during the day, Sandfield Day Nursery in Nottingham is an obvious choice, and they have the resources and the experience to get your child on the right path to what should be an enjoyable learning experience.

Safe and Secure Environment

At the age of 3-5 years, a child should not receive any classroom instruction, rather they need to be able to explore and learn in a safe and secure environment, and this is the primary objective of a day care centre. Suitable facilities would include a soft play room, which is ideal for young children, and many resources designed to develop large and small muscle groups. Blocks, pegs, and an array of toys and building materials would allow the children to experiment, something that is essential for creative development, and with music and play dough, the kids will be able to see where their interests lie.

Essential Social Skills

While a young child learns a lot from their parents, it is important to mix with children of a similar age, in order to develop essential social skills that will remain with a person for their entire life. The wrong early learning environment might deter a child from mixing with others, and the ideal environment is one with experienced carers who can guide the children through a series of light activities.

Age Appropriate Learning

While many parents try to accelerate the learning process in their child, it is known to cause issues at a later age, so everything the child does should be age relative. For children under the age of 5, short activities of 10-15 minutes are ideal, but any longer and you run the risk of it becoming disinteresting. Young minds naturally have a short attention span, and this should always be in mind when planning activities with toddlers. Art should be a commonly used medium, and with the focus on expression and developing imagination, with drawing and painting allowing the child to explore their colour preferences.

If the program is a balance of different types of activities in a safe and secure environment, then your child should not only enjoy their time at the day centre, they would develop in a balanced way and this would ready them for 12 years of formal education.

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