The race for university places is always a rush, and for some lucky students, there are certain scholarships available for suitable candidates, with many prestigious universities who are willing to fund the education of top performers, and if you would like some more information, here is a brief overview of the types of scholarships you can expect to find in Malaysia.

High Achiever’s Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship, you must be a Malaysian citizen and aged under 25 years, and of course, must have every high academic scores. The ideal candidate would be active in non-formal academic activities and would be an example team player, and would be expected to maintain a GPA of 3.7 or above for the duration of the course. If you are looking for a scholarship in Malaysia for undergraduates, there are online solutions that can help you to secure the financial support you need. You might not be able to find a suitable sponsor in your immediate area, but if you are prepared to relocate during your studies, there is an excellent chance of finding the right scholarship.

Sports Scholarship

Many universities offer this to exceptional athletes, and to qualify you must be a Malaysian national who competes at either State or National level. If you represent your state, you would likely receive a 25% discount on your term fees, while a national player can expect 50%. The university concerned would likely require some kind of verification from a registered sports association regarding the applicant’s status, and of course, the sponsored athlete would agree to represent the university in their chosen discipline. You would also be required to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher for the duration of the course.

Leadership Scholarship

Some universities will support a candidate that exhibits leadership potential, and there must be a form of sponsorship, whereby an organisation endorses the candidate as being of suitable character for this scholarship. You must also have a good academic record that would include secondary school, and would be expected to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or more during the course.

Distinction Scholarships

For excellent students, there are course fee discounts that depend on the number of distinctions a student receives, and this varies greatly among the universities in Malaysia, but you can easily check by visiting their website and looking in the scholarships section, where there would be information about every type of scholarship on offer.

The Internet is always a good source of information, and any person who is looking for a scholarship in Malaysia, can obtain all the relevant information from the university’s website. As long as you meet the criteria, and have an appropriate GPA score, you can obtain anything from a small reduction in term fees to a complete scholarship that covers everything. These scholarships are designed to facilitate further learning for talented scholars, and it is an excellent opportunity to receive valuable assistance.

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