Some people just love to be around other people. They thrive in social situations, get a thrill out of making connections with others, and do best when surrounded by friendly faces and stimulating conversation. If you’re the type of person who couldn’t imagine a solitary career path, there are plenty of great options out there for you.

  1. Hotel management: If you have a knack for managing others and working as a part of a cohesive team, the hospitality industry could be perfect for you. Renowned 5 star hotels need highly trained, personable people to head up their teams, and it takes a certain type of temperament to nail this sort of role. If you could see yourself keeping things running smoothly at a beautiful hotel then you may want to look into hospitality school melbourne to start gaining the qualifications and education necessary to succeed in the industry.
  2. Nursing: Nurses play a crucial role in our healthcare system. Aside from their medical training and first aid know-how, nurses need to have impeccable people skills and a warm bedside manner. This career is ideal for those who want to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment where they can still chat with people and flex their social muscles on a daily basis.
  3. Psychologist: Another healthcare job that provides plenty of opportunities to get to know new people is in the field of psychology. Psychologists help a wide range of people work through their personal problems, often specialising in particular mental illnesses. This career could suit you if you have a passion for helping others, along with a patient demeanour and plenty of empathy.
  4. Teaching: The world always needs new people, so this is a career that anyone with great social skills should consider. Teachers don’t just connect with kids through their work, they also have to work well with their colleagues, and function as part of a larger administrative system in the school. You can choose to teach a wide range of subjects to smaller children on the primary teaching level, or work with older teenagers teaching a specific subject.
  5. Public relations: PR managers help manage the brand or public image of an individual, group, or business. They spend plenty of time dealing with people and social situations, as they have to spread the word about their client in a proactive, positive way. PR certainly isn’t for the low-energy or faint of heart, but it’s a great career for anyone with a drive to succeed and great social skills.
  6. Human Resources specialist: Every large company has an HR department. The specialists working in HR need to handle a variety of problems within the company, manage the hiring of new employees, and make sure that everyone in the company is content and treated fairly. This challenging field involves lots of communication and interactions with other staff, so being a people person is essential.
  7. Sales: Sales-focused positions can be found across a wide variety of industries, but they always require a certain temperament. This is a great choice if you’re persuasive, talkative, and always ready to strike up a conversation with someone new. It also requires a fair amount of persistence in some cases, so a driven personality and lots of ambition will help.
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