Administration job can be demanding and it certainly requires good working skills. If you are looking to start your career in admin department, you need to follow these six things to have a great career in admin niche.

Taking Meeting Minutes

You need to learn how to take detailed minutes at meetings. You need to pay attention to the questions that are usually discussed during meetings. Be attentive and focused towards the queries. This is a very important skill you should build if you want to get placed in one of the latest job openings for admin.

Being successful in the admin job is relatively tough, but with little focus, determination, and attention to the detail you can succeed easily. Remember to be little attentive and focus on learning new things. If someone assigns you an important task, politely tell them that you would take that up once you’re done with your tasks.

Maintaining a Filing System

You should be capable enough to organize and manage the paperwork that arrives on your work desk. If you don’t have the habit of organising files, you should not be trying for an admin job!

You need to learn how to use files, staplers, and folders. You should know how to organise things in a systematic manner, according to alphabetical order, date, and chronological order. This particular skill is pretty much important in several aspects of your job as well as in your life. It is important to learn and keep improving yourself on filing and organisational skills.

Typing Letters

Learn how to type letters at faster pace. You need to focus on speed and accuracy here. Generally speaking, when speed increases, accuracy decreases, but if you focus on typing accurately, you can see that both accuracy and speed increases.

Typing fast with low accuracy levels means spending more time on correcting your mistakes. There are lots of programs and courses to improve your typing accuracy, and help you test the typing accuracy and speed as well.

Answering Telephone Calls

Even if you are not at secretary level, most of the admin jobs involve answering the telephone calls. You need to learn how to answer calls in a “happy tone”. You need to stay completely focused on the conversation. It is again important to learn how to answer the calls that were transferred to you. Learn how to put the phone to “mute” and “hold” smartly, while you want to speak with someone else.

Word Processing

You need to learn shortcuts that are available in the word processor. You should learn how to use short cuts to start a new page, centre align, left align, create new document, and set bullets to important points.

There are several shortcuts to learn. You can cut down the time required to reach the mouse with these shortcuts. Losing time will certainly decrease your productivity. This is the reason why typists and programmers use keyboard, while photographers and designers use mouse.

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